Crypto Private Fund

Providing investment services to institutional and accredited investors.

Simplified Investment Process

Sign an agreement for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Choose either a monthly fixed income or variable plan.

Our team customizes the strategies and diversifies your assets to take advantage of market’s volatility.

Profits are either reinvested or paid monthly, quarterly or after the agreement reaches the maturity date.

Cryptocurrency Markets

Our team diversifies only on the best digital assets and customizes specific strategies based on this highly volatile and profitable market.

Remember That a Good Financial Decision Can Be Your Best Ally Towards Success.”

- Rafael Vargas, Founder and CEO

Rafael adds real value to people looking to increase their investments. The 21st century is a brave new world for investors, which while very exciting, can easily become overwhelming. Rafael and our team of investment experts constantly study markets and trends to provide our clients with investment advice that best suits their personal finances.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cryptocurrency is everywhere in our present lives, and it's not a known term only for traders or tech experts. In fact, banks and traditional business are integrating cryptocurrency in their platforms as a great way of doing modern business. Empirex Capital is pioneer in crypto asset management in the United States since 2012.

  • A crypto fund raises capital from high net worth individuals to invest in crypto assets attempting to maximize returns with the proper use of risk management.

  • An Empirex Capital Ambassador is the person who refers clients to our company and receives a commission from this connection.

  • Variable income is a type of Investment where profits are not known until the end of the agreement, on the other hand, Fixed income refers to investments that pay a fixed monthly return during your agreement period.


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